Why the Create Compost Direct Delivery Program?

According to the EPA, Americans throw away about 96 billion pounds of food each year. That’s more than a quarter of our food! This huge discrepancy creates a large and expensive problem for municipalities that have to manage and dispose of this waste, which could be composted instead of thrown away. Nature's Footprint works with municipalities to help their residents reduce and manage their decomposable waste.

Our goal is to create an innovative bridge connecting municipalities to their residents by providing a realistic and efficient solution to reduce waste and encourage recycling.

Why the Wormcycler?

The Wormcycler is a practical solution for residents recycling their food and paper waste. There is no requirement to have a lawn or a garden in order to reduce waste with the Wormcycler due to its small, portable size.

Worm composting creates an incredibly rich fertilizer that could be used for houseplants, planter boxes, or in the garden. Even residents without houseplants may be environmentally conscious and recognize the benefits of composting with a worm bin for the purpose of recycling.

How Does the Municipal Distribution Program Work?

Once municipalities have signed up and given us their area’s zip codes they can utilize our Direct Delivery Program (DDP) to promote the Wormcycler to their residents. Multiple methods can be used to promote the program, such as bill inserts, newspaper articles, TV ads and online promotions. Simply mentioning this program on a municipality’s website is an easy place to start. We also work to support the promotional efforts of municipalities with content creation and graphics.

Promoting the DDP is simple as emphasizing 3 points

  The benefits of worm composting

  CreateCompost.com is where to order

  Enter zip code to receive the discount

Createcompost.com allows residents to order a Wormcycler at a discounted rate as long as their municipality has signed up. When they are ready to order, residents can easily navigate to the website and enter in their zip code. Once a valid zip code has been entered, they will be presented with the pricing and option to order a Wormcycler. The zip code that residents type in will be matched with the residents shipping address. This allows municipalities to subsidize any part of the Wormcycler only for the residents in their area. We also provide the option of adding worms to any order, which will ship as a coupon that can be redeemed once the bin is set up and ready to house a colony of worms.

In addition to the ability to order directly from us, our website also provides comprehensive support that shows residents how to get started easily and successfully with the Wormcycler, as well as offering support for any issues that may arise over time. These offerings allow municipalities to focus on promoting the program instead of supporting the product. We are continually updating and improving our support materials to ensure the residents’ success.

After residents order a Wormcycler they will receive a confirmation email. In the ordering process they can also opt into being contacted by the municipality to check on their level of satisfaction. Quarterly reports can also be sent to the municipality to indicate their area’s level of participation in the program.


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